Friday, July 11, 2014

Downloading and Installing

So first step, went Kentico and clicked on Download and Demo then went to the free edition page.  I saw the feature chart showing what each version has and a clear list of the price.  I filled in my info and was able to download the software.

After download I chose custom install.  The first step is Installation Type.  This dialog is not very intuitive it list target location with 3 radio buttons followed by a dropdown that says website. You can only choose websites that already exist in IIS you cannot create your own.  This means if you want to install Kentico in a new IIS Website then you will need to create it first.

Possible Improvement: If Kentico is being installed in an environment with IIS7+ it is possible to create the website for them using Microsoft.Web.Administration.  If you require assistance we can provide a QuickStart sample.
The rest of the dialog is straight forward I keep it .NET 4.0  but choose a Web Application Project and click  next.  Database panel is straight forward.

Possible Improvement: I notice that only SQL Server is supported.  Is this because I am using the its the Free Edition or do you support Oracle, or No-SQL?

Components page again is straight forward as is the sample sites page.  I installed all the samples. I clicked Install.

So now we are installed and the link on the install page works to get to the site.  Its prompting for a license. Now to find how to get a license.  Actually it was quite easy to generate a license and apply it.

In the next article we will start building out the site.  Until then if you have any questions, comments or just want to say hi email us at

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